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Chloe Elliott is a Cornwall-based artist, inspired by the beauty of her coastal surroundings. She studied a Foundation degree at Kingston University London but her natural draw towards the ocean brought her to Cornwall. Here, she studied Illustration and graduated from Falmouth University in 2012.


Being one of a large family and an early-years school teacher, Chloe has always bonded well with children. Now the proud illustrator of four published children’s books, Chloe made great success in producing material which benefited both the children she worked with, as well as the art world.


Chloe also paints, her bond with painting has been made clear through her achievements: Her work has been featured in numerous Interior Design Magazines, including The World of Interiors and Period Living. She has also had her art exhibited privately in multiple locations.


Her inspiration comes mostly from the great outdoors; be it surfing, hiking across the
Cornish-cliffside or exploring unique locations all over the world.


Her style is vibrant, energetic and multi-textured. “My aim is to capture the moment, freezing time for a split-second. This can mean stopping a wave at the time of it's break, or halting an ocean full of surfers poised, waiting for that next big swell to come through.”


Chloe’s imagery doesn’t just come from imagination either, her work derives from experiences she has had as a keen surfer, swimmer and outdoor-dweller. She uses the feelings provoked by what she can see to produce an emotional, as well as physical, representation of the moment.


Her latest series puts a primary focus on the study of texture and colour composition. “I find it so captivating the way paint ages and surfaces become distressed over time. The climate hugely affects the way art develops over time and I like to observe such environmental changes, before trying to re-create the effects myself.”


Chloe is a great advocate of respecting nature’s course and aims for her pieces to reflect the beauty of leaving the environment to take over. “With climate change being so prevalent in today’s society, I want my art to document the transition our planet is going through. Warmer climates create new textures and colours, so I often use aged surfaces in hot countries for inspiration. This keeps my work relevant, forward-thinking and ever-changing.”


Interior design is also an industry which Chloe takes great interest in. Having worked closely with architects and Interior Designers, she has successfully produced bespoke pieces designed to align with the interiors of a given space. “I love collaborating with other creative industries, learning about their visions and combining our skills helps to create a holistically-intrinsic atmosphere. One creative mind is a beautiful thing but when multiple creatives join forces, that’s when the magic happens.”

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