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A Cornwall-based artist, inspired by the beauty of her coastal surroundings,

Chloe studied a Foundation degree at Kingston University London but her natural

draw towards the ocean brought her to Cornwall where she completed a BA (Hons)

Illustration degree at Falmouth University.


Chloe explores a range of genres - seascape, abstract and figurative art, all of which

visually compliment each other.


“The ocean is my muse. One day calm and serene, the next dramatically churning- I capture
its essence through daily sketches, translating these fleeting lines into future paintings.
This interplay of observation and transformation fuels both my abstract and seascape works.” 


Chloe’s work is vibrant and multi-textured. “My aim is to capture the moment, freezing

time for a split-second. This can mean stopping a wave at the time of its break, or

halting an ocean full of surfers poised, waiting for that next big wave to come through.”


Her latest series, “Colourfield's,” delves into the powerful impact of climate change
and the environment on the way surfaces transform over time. “Climate change is a
pressing issue, and I strive to capture its influence in this series.” Using a variety of mixed media,
often incorporating natural materials found on daily walks, help to form these textural pieces. 


Having worked closely with architects and Interior Designers, Chloe has successfully

produced bespoke pieces designed to align with the interiors of a given space. “I love

collaborating with other creative industries, learning about their visions and combining

our skills. One creative mind is a beautiful thing but when multiple creatives join forces,

that’s when the magic happens.”

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